Special fishermen

Fishing grounds:

The Maronne: 1st category river, rich in trout and grayling. Nice population of parr....
The Dordogne: river of 2nd category public domain. Mythical river, very well populated with wild and large trout and grayling.
La Cère, Doustre, La Souvigne... 1st category
dam lakes : Paradise for predator fishing: pike, zander, black-bass...

T he fishing permits:

  • in Monceaux-sur-Dordogne: "chez Maryse", an unmissable local bistro next to the bridge over the Dordogne at a place called Laygues.
  • in Argentat, fishing tackle store: Argentat-Passion: 20 rue Pasteur
  • on the internet: fishing card
  • There are cards for the season, for the week, for children under 12, 12-18, for beginner women!

Fishing guides:

for children under 12, 12-18, for women beginners!
Professionals and enthusiasts, they are there to initiate you or make you discover our marvelous fishing territory...
They are united in the Company of Fishing Guides of Argentat . Among them :

  • Jean-Pierre Coudoux: 33 (0) 6 20 20 41 69
  • Grégoire Ribert: 33 (0) 6 22 32 53 37
  • Patrick Taillard: 33 (0) 6 30 38 27 98

Our welcome: our spacious and comfortable rooms

  • the "return from fishing" plate : on reservation, after the evening, whatever the time, we offer you a garnished plate:charcuterie, raw vegetables, cheese: price €12
  • a closed shelter to store your equipment, dry your clothes
  • the barn to park your boat
  • local documentation

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