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03 Sep 23

Nouveau reportage à découvrir sur Itinera Magica : la poétique vallée de la Dordogne, côté Corrèze 💚

➡️ par ici :

Avez-vous eu déjà l'impression d'être hors du temps, dans une carte postale de France éternelle ? En vallée de la Dordogne, côté Corrèze, nous avons vécu des expériences inouïes qui nous ont donné la sensation que le temps avait suspendu son vol. Argentat-sur-Dordogne, les tours de Merle, le rocher du Peintre, les balades en gabare sur la Dordogne, sont autant de tableaux intemporels d'une France de conte de fées.

La vallée de la Dordogne ne fait pas seulement partie du patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO, elle appartient aussi à l'imaginaire français…

Au programme ? Trois hébergements insolites follement exotiques, des alpagas, un site d'escalade unique au monde, une virée en gabare sur la Dordogne, de l'équitation, les tours de Merle, le rocher du peintre, le point de vue de Roc Castel, les quais et la réserve naturelle départementale d'Argentat-sur-Dordogne. Moi aussi, j'ai désormais « la Corrèze en cathéter », comme le dit la chanson. Pour préparer vos vacances en vallée de la Dordogne et découvrir que voir, que faire, que vivre autour d'Argentat-sur-Dordogne, suivez le guide !

📸 un reportage en duo avec Marion Carcel Foehn Photographie - autrice de toutes les photos

#voyagexaintrie, #dordognecorrezienne, #argentatsurdordogne,chambredhotesdecharme
14 Apr 23

aujourd'hui tri et répartition dans les corbeilles de nos chambres d'hôtes de tous les documents touristiques glanés la semaine dernière dans les bourses aux documents de l'Office du Tourisme Vallée de la Dordogne  et de Corrèze Tourisme..

Pour toujours mieux vous accueillir et vous guider dans vos escapades journalières nous voilà parés !

#documentationtouristique, #chambresdhotesdecharme, #valleedeladordogne


09 Mar 23

C'est ce week-end ! qu'on se le dise….

à partir de samedi 11 mars ,  la Dordogne et ses affluents vous attendent pour votre sport favori. 

Plein de renseignements utiles sur la page dédiée de notre site

#pechealamouche, #Argentat-Beaulieu, #dordogneriver, #hebergementpeche,
Sans titre

Sans titre

28 Jan 23

Referencing Guide du Routard 2023!

Here is another good reason to come and stay at Le Pradel! Here we are referenced in the Guide du Routard 2023 and we are very happy about it. It is with great pleasure that we will welcome the next ""Faithful Backpackers"" who will come to discover the Corrèze Dordogne Valley….

See you soon !

#guide #du #routard #accueil #authentique #familial
Sans titre

Sans titre

14 Dec 22

Voici nos deux charmants visiteurs en ce froid matin de décembre… En quête de quelque verdure pas trop gelée.  

#charme #nature #accueil
28 Jun 22

#Collongeslarouge; #martel; #rocamadour; #beaulieusurdordogne; #plusbeauvillagedefrance


28 Jan 22

Glad to satisfy you!

Once again this year, many of you enjoyed the Pradel and we thank you. Always anxious to improve your stay, we will be very happy to see you again soon!
Long live Corrèze!
10 ans

10 ans

13 Mar 21

10th anniversary!

Since March 2011, we have been welcoming more and more of you, and we are delighted! So many encounters, so many open-ended exchanges that have allowed us to discover and enrich ourselves with your many shared experiences and adventures. Be thanked for your trust and do not hesitate to come back!
table de travail wifi teletravail

table de travail wifi teletravail

10 Mar 21

Ideal for working!

Why not combine teleworking and tourism? Work in peace, with birdsong ...
All our rooms have a table, a wifi connection and soon fiber.
Last week a couple of hosts were able to enjoy the region while working part of the day!
We can provide you with an additional screen.
@bookingcom awards2021

@bookingcom awards2021

26 Jan 21

thank you !

Despite a difficult year, our hosts appreciated the welcome and the service we have reserved for them, we are delighted and we thank you! 😄 Let's go for 2021 ... don't hesitate to make plans, it's good for morale! (cancellations are free in the event of health restrictions) @bookingcom # TravellerReviewAwards2021
citroen traction avant 15 ch

citroen traction avant 15 ch

03 Oct 20

Citroën Traction avant cabriolet on the road

Nice visit in this late afternoon of Indian summer ... a meeting like this bed and breakfast activity has in store for us;)
A Citroën front-wheel drive 15hp, 6 cylinders, (copy from the 1950s). Its happy and friendly owners gladly shared with us their family adventures, around the world, in their superb car which gave them the opportunity to meet many times ... and even a famous DS21, participants of the London-Mexico Rally in 1970 ... But that's another car AND another story! for the curious: a great adventure!

tours de merle (1)

tours de merle (1)

22 Jun 20

The Merle Towers

During your amazing trip, don't miss this site!

After having courageously climbed the steps taken by the lords, from the top of one of the towers you discover the spectacular feudal set of 7 towers erected between the 11th and 15th centuries by 7 different families!
Then you will descend quietly to the edge of the river to cool off a bit ... In this landscape of forests and deep gorges, the Maronne surrounds the City of Merle and contributes to making it a natural castrum.
explosion de couleurs au jardin !

explosion de couleurs au jardin !

03 Jun 20

A flowery explosion

Nature offers us, in spring, every week, new colors ... and new scents! what a joy to discover them! : we offer you here some ...
charmille tranquilité5sensenéveil

charmille tranquilité5sensenéveil

20 May 20

Your 5 senses on the alert! nature in its purest form ...

Suitcases in the trunk, highway exit ... a few turns and you are in a little paradise ...

When the weather is very nice,
. light embellishes colors, and nature shines!

the smell of the last roses, hay cut this afternoon ...
the song of the blackbird and the cuckoo ...
the taste of a strawberry tasted on the market ...
and the softness of the last rays of sun on the skin ...

close your eyes, and dream!

you are on vacation....
salle de bains chambre Maronne (1)

salle de bains chambre Maronne (1)

27 Mar 20

A new bathroom ....

There it's done ! a new bathroom awaits you with the Maronne room (and family suite) on the 2nd floor: large shower, large mirror, hairdryer, hygiene products: everything for your comfort!
see you soon !


10 Mar 20

Dordogne, gabare and theater ... a great meeting!

We are back for the summer season 2020!

Hugo the "gabarier comédien" or "comédien gabarier" will tell you the long history of navigation on the Dordogne, the adventures of the trip to Libourne, when the waters were merchantable, the return to the country on foot ... the remaining boat over there, sold for firewood!
This is a great afternoon to schedule during your next stay!

From April 1, meet at 3 p.m. for a theatrical walk of approximately 1 hour 15 minutes,
Prices and reservations at the Argentat tourist office: 05 55 91 09 94


08 Feb 20

Our website has had a facelift!

After 9 years of activities , taking advantage of the winter and the off-season, our site has taken a youthful bath

and renewal and that's the result ....!

Always with news, spotlights on sites to discover, improvements to our rooms, online booking, gift cards to offer, etc.
Rest assured ... we have not changed in substance and are always at your disposal to welcome you as you hope !!
So see you very soon;)
Correzely your!

voitures anciennes de passage au Pradel

voitures anciennes de passage au Pradel

14 Jan 20

2nd exchange of auto motorbike in Argentat

At the beginning of October, the 2nd car-motorcycle parts exchange exchange took place in Argentat-sur-Dordogne , with of course a beautiful presentation of vintage cars from collectors. Passionate discussions were going well around the fair: comparison of models, restoration, engines, displacements... etc ...
See you for the 3rd edition !